You will know about and agree to any service(s) beforehand.

There are different pricing methods for different types of service which is based on time necessary for a specific outcome.

For instance, dance school photography is accomplished within a very short time frame, one dancer after another. Truth be told, minimal time is spent with each dancer; products offered are simple to produce and, hence, the price-point is low.

Mini-sessions involve more time with each dancer and the products offered are also more involved such as albums and framed collections. Payment for session is due at time of booking. Products are above and beyond session fee.

Art sessions are time intensive before, during and after the session. Think of it as a commissioned work.

The Art Session package fee includes:

  • Minimum of 20 unique poses
  • Wall art and album; social media images of all poses ordered
  • Pre-session consultation to bring forth ideas and client input to ensure a successful session.
  • Wall concept ideas – custom created for as many walls as you choose, shown to scale on your own wall.
  • Post session image preparation.
  • One in-person viewing appointment. Additional viewing appointments are $150 each.

50% of Art Session package fee is due at time of booking.

Portrait Agreement and Model Release must be signed before portrait session.

Portrait sessions begin on time. Any preparations for the portrait session such as signing paperwork or getting dressed, hair, make-up, etc. eats into the portrait session time. Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your session begins .

You agree to hold harmless, Peggy Gray, her representatives, employees and Peggy Gray Photography as well as the studio owner, from any dispute in the event you or your family become injured during your session or while on the studio premises. Peggy Gray Photography and its representatives will not be held liable for any injury to you, your children or your family members, or for any damage to your property during the photo session or while on studio premises.

You will view your portraits at a personally attended slideshow. You will be asked to order at this time. Please make sure all decision makers are present, as additional ordering appointments incur a $150 fee.

Clients who cannot make a decision about products or images during their viewing appointment may schedule an additional ordering appointment for a $150 fee. We do NOT offer online galleries for ordering. Digital files cannot be released outside the studio until full payment is made.

While Peggy does capture many images during your session, you will see only those images selected by her, the artist, for previewing. She carefully renders each image to ensure maximum artistry and technical perfection. Images with eyes closed, heads turned, duplicates, etc. will not be shown and are removed from my archives permanently after the artist rendering is complete.

Peggy Gray Photography reserves the right to shoot, edit & proof at the artist’s discretion. Additional editing, if approved by the artist will incur a charge for which client will be given an estimate.

Due to the custom nature of the work, payment for your order must be placed in full and is subject to a 50% cancellation fee should you change your mind about an order after it is placed. Once an order is sent to the lab or digital files are submitted to the client either by CD, USB, electronic transfer or email , the order is deemed non-refundable. Payments may be cash, check, Visa, Master Card, or American Express. Payment plan is available. Artistic work will begin after payment has cleared.

Any design work, custom graphics and layout will be approved for color if viewed with our professionally calibrated monitors. Only font style, spelling and wording may be approved when not viewing on our calibrated monitor.

Artist will make choices of images used within an album and customer will have one opportunity to use different images from among those ordered, if desired.

Please allow 4 weeks for prints and 6 weeks for wall hangings to receive your order after payments have been received. Some orders may take longer. Your portraits are an investment and an heirloom that should not be rushed. You will be notified by telephone or e-mail when your order is ready for pick-up. If you are unable to pick up your order, we can ship your order to you for an additional charge.

Re-orders placed more than 60 days after the preview appointment require a minimum of $150 re-order.

Un-ordered images are removed from our archives after 90 days.

The Copyright Act protects photographers by giving us the exclusive right to reproduce your photographs. Violations include, but are not limited to, making illegal copies, scanning, printing from home or downloading from our website. It is illegal to copy or reproduce these photographs in any manner without our permission and violators of this Federal Law will be subject to its civil and criminal penalties. Please understand, the photographer wishes to maintain complete control over print quality, finishes and presentation of the images and any reproduction outside of the studio may lower the quality of the image and scar our reputation for providing superior portraits.