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How it works:

  • Your dancer’s images will be put into one private on-line gallery – no matter how many different costumes they wear.
  • Your dancer has been given an Access Code card to their private gallery.
  • You sign into their private gallery.
  • Connect to their private gallery before picture day by purchasing AdvancePay credits – wonderful bonuses for doing this. Once you’re connected, you’ll be notified immediately when the gallery is available.
  • More than one dancer? You can connect to each dancers’ gallery before you place an order.
  • One shopping cart for all of your dancers. Mix and match packages.
  • Online ordering – no more paper ordering forms!
  • Orders will be shipped to your home.
  • FREE Shipping with a $75 purchase.

Access Code

Your dancer will be given an access code to their own private gallery. You can text this code to 90738 or go to and enter it there.

Connect to your dancer’s gallery before it’s published and be notified the moment the gallery is published.

You are going to love this! No matter how many different dances your dancer performs, all of his/her images will show up in ONE private gallery.

If your dancer has their photograph taken with a sibling or fellow dancer – that dancer’s photo will also show up in your dancer’s private gallery.

Group photo – in each private gallery for those dancers.

Siblings photo – in each sibling’s private gallery.

Friends photo – in each of the friend’s private gallery.

Advance Pay

AdvancePay is like purchasing a gift card to be used later on anything in the store – with more benefits:

  • Connect your dancer to their gallery beforehand.
  • Be notified immediately when your dancer’s gallery is available.
  • Bonus – FREE shipping on orders over $40 with Advance Pay.
  • Refunds? Yes! AdvancePay is refundable before any downloads have occurred.