Are you ready to book your private dance photography session?

Dance photography sessions take place in a dance studio which I rent. Sessions usually occur on a Sunday – sometimes a Saturday.

I photograph dancers only on a floor specific to dancers.

The floor surface and suspension has to be just right – designed for the demands of jumping and conducive to dance footwear. It’s a safety issue and I’m adamant about it. After all, you will be jumping, leaping and turning during your photography session.

Art sessions are booked individually. Mini sessions are booked after I schedule a date at a dance studio.

Art Sessions

Art sessions are commissioned and sold as a single boutique package. This is a full-service session in both service and product offerings.

Female dancer, standing with one foot pointed behind, flowing skirt & hair blowing in wind

Together, we will create heirloom art pieces that include art for your wall as well as a beautiful album.

You’ll be photographed on white, black and gray backgrounds with different lighting set-ups.

You’ll have access to scarves, skirts and costumes I’ve picked up along the way.

Just like a dance performance, we will spend time together planning and preparing for art pieces that will last generations. It is a collaborative endeavor that works to give you an authentic representation of you as a dancer, you as a dance artist.

Mini Sessions

Dancer sitting crossed-legged on reflective black floor with arms outstretched, fingertips touching floor creating a unique sculptured look.

Mini-dance sessions are held throughout the year.

These sessions are designed to capture the different ages and different skill sets throughout a young dancer’s life.

Capturing a movement or a dance pose at each age is important! These images capture achievement.

Each mini-session date will have a specific background: black or white. You’ll know which date has which background.

Sessions are 20 minutes long. Costume changes are allowed – as many as you like within that 20 minute period.

Audition shots for summer intensives / college auditions

Female ballerina in classic pink tights & black leotard on pointe in arabesque.

Audition photography is incorporated into any mini-session event or incorporated into the full Art Session.

Images are delivered as 5×7 digital files – high res & low res

  • headshot
  • arabesque
  • 2nd
  • any other you need

On-location dance photography

Full disclosure: not willing to do this outdoors during the cold season!

These unique images are a reflection of what places you find interesting, special and enjoyable.

This is one more way for you to express yourself.

On-location photography is incorporated into the Art Sessions or scheduled together as a group – dancer friends, dance company or dance team.

What location is special or you find intriguing?
Let’s talk!